Texans, Tell Your Elected Officials to Rejoin the National Power Grid

As I stated in my previous article, we need to organize and tell our elected officials to rejoin the national power grid. As many of us are frustrated and only have power and the internet for fleeting moments, I have created a sample letter for us to send.

Below are some of the individuals we can contact, but I recommend going here for more information.

Governor Greg Abbott — Website Contact Form

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick — Website Contact Form

Senator Ted Cruz — Website Contact Form

Senator John Cornyn — Website Contact Form



I am a registered voter in the state of Texas in [district]. I am absolutely disgusted by the handling of electricity in our state in the face of this unprecedented weather event. I understand that in extreme conditions, rolling black outs are absolutely essential to maintain a power grid. However, the fact that some homes have been left without power for upwards of twenty-four hours is absolutely unacceptable. This event may be unprecedented, but it does not escape my note that El Paso, a city that is on the national power grid and therefore subject to federal regulations, has power. It is clear that those who have been entrusted with the power of Texas are incapable of providing the service in a way that is comparable to the rest of the country.

For this reason, I, a registered voter, am calling on you, my elected official, to push for our state to rejoin the national power grid. While our state has always pushed for its own rights, this cannot come at the cost of human life. This is one of the most, if not the most, pressing issues on my mind as a voter. I feel that it is my civic duty, as a resident of Texas, to ensure that we enact policies that are in the best interests of our fellow individual citizens. For this reason, if I do not see any progress towards this, come next election, I will not only have to withhold my support for your re-election campaign, but I will also have to seek out a candidate whose views closer align with my own.

I do hope that you do what is right and show that you truly have the best interests for the residents of Texas.

Thank you,

[Your Name]

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